Griffin Radiator – A 2015 Featured Exhibitor

Why Griffin Radiators? Because, when you need a aluminum racing radiator, street rod radiator, classic car radiator, muscle car radiator, sport compact car radiator, late model car and truck radiator, and even industrial radiator, Griffin has the radiator, intercooler, and / or fluid cooler in our warehouse and ready to ship. Need a custom aluminum radiator? Griffin can build it to your exact specifications. Griffin maintains decades of original radiator templates for most makes and models to ensure accuracy.

A Griffin aluminum radiator or charge air cooler is truly a performance heat exchanger, not an adaptation of an OEM product. In most cases it is a direct fit, bolt in replacement that is made to fit your vehicle. Sometimes minimal modifications are needed due to the improved thickness of their Max Cool cores.

Since 1981, Griffin Thermal Products has focused on manufacturing the very best high performance aluminum radiators and intercoolers in the industry. Griffin understands that a quality cooling system is critical to the consistent and reliable performance of your engine.

Learn more about Griffin iand pick up a new Griffin Radiator (through an exhibiting dealers) at the Charlotte Racers Expo.