Swap Meet Information

BACK for 2024 is a much-requested swap meet for racers to sell or swap their used parts and components. Space for the swap meet is limited, and interested parties are encouraged to reserve their booths early!!

Registration form & instructions : Click here for registration info

Booth Pricing:

Booths for used parts only start at $35 for a 10×10 spot and increase by $35 per additional ten linear feet. Additional venue services may cost extra (i.e. wifi, power, etc.).

Rental Space:

Rental space includes the following: Space as rented in 10-foot increments. Swap meet spaces do not include curtains, chairs or other additional features. Electricity is available upon request for an additional $25.00 charge and must be reserved in advance. Please let us know in advance if your space requires special equipment such as electricity or other such service.

Booth Setup:

Feb – 2nd, Friday – 12:00 till 7:00.


The Cabarrus Event Center & Arena has plenty of parking available for cars, trucks, trailers and other vehicles as needed.

Booth Rental and Payment Schedule:

Full payment is required with the registration form no later than January 18, 2023, and payable prior to setup and prior to passes being issued. Swap meet advanced signup is highly recommended – space is limited and is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Swap Meet Exhibitor Agrees:

Exhibitor and his/her/its agents agree to abide by these terms and conditions and the direction of show personnel and facility event staff at all times for setup, show times, closing and teardown. No exhibitor shall be allowed to remove any part of an exhibit until teardown is officially permitted.

Fire, Health & Safety:

Exhibitors agree to abide by all applicable local, city, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations. Failure to do so may result in removal from the event.


It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to keep its exhibit open at all times during show hours. If for any reason the show management finds the method of operation, conduct, printed materials or any item of poor character or taste which is considered questionable, that exhibit is subject to removal. No food or beverage may be sold by exhibitors. Giveaways of concession-type items (hot dogs, boxes of popcorn, etc.) must be approved by facility personnel. Exhibitors shall confine their exhibits to their own booth space and not protrude beyond or otherwise enter another space including the aisleway(s).


The exhibitor may sell or offer for sale any pre-owned or used auto racing merchandise. All “sold” merchandise must be verified by a sales receipt for security to allow removal of goods from the building. Exhibitor is responsible for any taxes, licenses, fees or other obligations as required for doing business by state law. Exhibitor is solely responsible for the space assigned. Another company or non-exhibiting company may not sell from an exhibiting company’s booth or any other portion of the premises without written permission from management.
Again, no new parts are to be sold from the swap meet area!

Setup & Teardown:

Exhibitors must check in and register between the times specified on the schedule. Show setup and teardown will be during specified times unless otherwise arranged and approved with show management beforehand. All exhibits must be torn down and removed from the building by 9:30pm on Saturday, February 4, 2023.

All decisions of management are final and the Charlotte Racers Expo reserves the right to refuse any booth or booth activities as it sees fit.