Seller Registration
Pre-consignments are now open. Please call (704) 402-4319 for pre-consignment registration.

All auction registration will need to be done either through pre-consignments or at the auction setup day(s). There will be no online consignor registration.

Consignors/Sellers will need to provide the following information:

Name – Remit-to name (if different)
Phone number – Approximate number of lots

Please read and understand the consignor agreement before placing items for consignment in the Charlotte Racers Expo auction.

REMINDER: No used tires will be accepted on consignment! Use good judgment on your consignments — if you’re pretty sure it’s junk, there’s a good chance we will say the same thing. We pride ourselves on high-quality consignments to attract top dollar for you, the seller, and to maximize value for our buyers. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes before consigning “questionable” merchandise. Your items must be cleaned and presentable to sell, and again NO JUNK!!! We will send you back home with it!!!