Buyer Info

Have you always heard about auctions but never really knew how to get involved in one? Auctions are fun, provided you bid responsibly and remember that you will win some and lose others. Below is a list of tips and procedures that the auction personnel will utilize at the Charlotte Racers Expo. If you have questions or need any type of clarifications, ask us!

Arrive early so you have plenty of time to inspect all of the items which will be auctioned.

Register for a free bidder’s card upon arrival . Most of the items are arranged by ‘lot’ numbers to be sold. Bring lots of money or a credit card with a satisfactory amount of purchasing power for your budget.

Be prepared to transport your purchases.

We suggest bringing your hauler, trailer or truck because at every auction people see items they would bid on if only they had the transportation along with them to get it home. There is AMPLE, FREE PARKING at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, so that will not be an issue.

All items in the auction are assigned ‘lot’ numbers.

Parts and small articles get a plain number while larger rolling stock (racecars, trailers, trucks, etc.) are assigned a special number. Tires and motors may be assigned special numbers as well. Ask the auction personnel if you have any questions.

All lot numbers are systematically brought before the auction block and the bidders’ seating area.

They are then described — listen very closely to how the item will be sold — and then auctioned off to the highest bidder. Make yourself noticed with the auctioneer and ring staff when bidding. Don’t hide or hesitate as the auctioneers can only spend a short time (seconds, literally) on each item.

All items auctioned are sold “as-is” and without any type of guarantee or warranty.

In the preview area, take the time to thoroughly inspect all items you may be interested in before they pass through the auction. Winning bidders will be allowed to remove the oil pan and one valve cover on any motor for inspection.

Once you are the successful bidder, you are obligated to pay for and take the item.

Pay for your purchases at the cashier’s office. Once you have a receipt for payment, you may pick up your items in the impound (storage) area. No items will be released without a receipt of payment.

All items bought for a price of $500 or greater must be paid for immediately.

All items must be removed from the auction area the day of the auction.

Auction staff cannot and will not be held responsible for any item left after close of auction offices.
Unfortunately, we have had to add a minimal buyers premium of 10% to help cover some event costs. In other words, add 10% to the price you bid to determine the amount you pay.

This auction requires CASH, cashiers check or travelers check. Personal checks will NOT be accepted. Business checks will only be accepted with a bank letter of credit for the maximum amount the check may be made payable for. VISA and MasterCard will be accepted with a 5% credit card premium on all credit card sales. Please come financially prepared to settle for your purchases. Applicable state and local sales taxes will be charged unless buyer presents a valid tax exemption certificate (available here).

Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewer required (Download Adobe Acrobat here).

Bidders/Buyers will need the following information to register:

  • Driver’s license or government issued photo ID (Name & Address)
  • Phone number

Business checks must be accompanied by a bank letter of credit for the amount which you intend to write the check for.