Pre-Consigned Lots Now Being Taken for November/December 2018
Pre-consigned lot numbers are now being assigned for the 2018 Charlotte Racers Expo auction. Consignors who wish to “reserve” their space in the auction need to contact Donna McDaniels either by phone at (704) 402-4318 or email (click here) and discuss what lots they plan to bring to the event.

Unlike other auctions, pre-consigning is free at the Charlotte Racers Expo and is strongly encouraged. Last year, the auction’s 1300+ lot numbers filled up over a week before the event. Those who showed up with merchandise to consign were, in many cases, unable to sell their items at Charlotte because the allotted number of auction lots were already full. A section of lots will be set aside for the karting-only auction as well.

What does a consignor gain by pre-consigning? As mentioned, a consignor can guarantee their lots will be included in the 2018 Charlotte Racers Expo auction by pre-consigning their merchandise. It also allows the auction staff to properly distribute lots throughout the entire auction process. For instance, a consignor who brings 50 lots will most likely not want them sold all together or at once. By pre-consigning, it allows the staff to assign the lots various numbers throughout the sequence of numbers to split the 50 lots up into, for example, 5 sections of 10 lots that will be sold over the course of both Saturday and Sunday.

New consignors can also take advantage of the pre-consignment process by educating themselves on what qualifies as a high-quality lot. Many times, newer consignors are not really sure how many lots they have in their merchandise and how much of it is worthy to sell.

By pre-consigning, it allows both the staff and consignor to assess the quality of the lots and make decisions about grouping based upon the information.
Consignors need to remember that there will be NO USED TIRES taken at the Charlotte Racers Expo. Sticker tires are fine, but no used tires will be permitted to go through the auction. Used tires are permitted to remain on wheels if the entire assembly is being sold at auction.

A general rule of thumb for assessing questionable consignment merchandise is very simple — if a consignor feels the item is better off in a dumpster, or “junk,” there’s a good chance the staff at the auction will make the same assessment. We pride ourselves on having quality consignments that attract top dollar for our sellers and deliver maximum value for our buyers. If it’s not something a consignor would use under any circumstance, chances are a buyer will not use it either.