DRP Performance Products – A 2015 Featured Exhibitor

DRP Performance Products originated back in the early 1980s, when Jimmie Doughton owned a successful race team during the heyday of late model sportsman racing. A consummate businessman, Jimmie found a way to convert his expensive hobby into a revenue-generating business by selling racing tires and fuel at his local track. The success of this new venture led him to eventually disband the race team, even as he added racing parts to his trackside sales business.

The family business expanded to other regional tracks as Jimmie, wife Rita, son Lynnie, and their crew worked numerous events every weekend. Serving as parts manager, Rita trained her son in the business, emphasizing the importance of impeccable customer service.

Lynnie eventually pushed to expand the parts business into a retail location during the week, and then into mail order sales with the publication of their first parts catalog. The distribution business grew rapidly in both wholesale and retail markets. In the early 1990s, the family started a chassis building business based in North Carolina. Although the business was a success, the operation of this second remote location proved too time-consuming, and the chassis business was sold.

By the early 2000s, business was booming — DRP had grown to distribute over 100 product lines and thousands of items. In 2005, after a record year, Lynnie gathered his key management team, including Shelby Taylor and John Wigington, for a strategy meeting. The DRP staff then embarked on an audacious five-year plan to exit the distribution business and start manufacturing a completely new product line. Lynnie, current president of DRP, reflects: “The only way anyone can make such a crazy plan work is to have no idea what they’re getting into. When we purchased our first machining center, we didn’t even know how to turn it on! However, we have certainly been blessed and have no regrets about taking such a bold step.”

Once DRP began designing and manufacturing its own products, the creativity and innovation started to flow. DRP remains committed to producing the highest quality products available and providing customers with exceptional values and old-fashioned customer service. DRP also remains committed to its witness for Jesus Christ.

DRP currently manufactures over 150 innovative products for the high-performance racing industry. They offer over 800 unique items, with dozens of new products in research and development stages. Stop by and visit with them at this year’s Charlotte Racers Expo.