Trade Show & Auction Schedule Announced

In line with all of the buzz at local racetracks in the southeast, the Charlotte Racers Expo has released its tentative schedule of events for the trade show and auction event that is coming to the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo on January 27-28, 2012.Racers will find two days worth of activities on the schedule to suit even the most discriminate tastes. The show opens to the public on Friday afternoon with the auction beginning two hours after the doors open. On Saturday, both events begin early in the morning with the auction promising to run into the evening with consignments.

“It should be a great weekend for racers to help get them started on their 2012 plans,” said Larry McDaniels, the head organizer of the event. “It’s just the time of year when they’re starting to build their cars and this will allow them to pick up some great deals from our exhibitors, new information, and maybe a few values at our auction, too.”

There will be additional events added to schedule as the event dates get closer. With exhibitors setting up from Thursday afternoon through Friday morning, more off-site events can be added to the show.

“We’ve already had a few people approach us about seminars for racers in every discipline from marketing and sponsorship, safety, shocks and chassis setup, plumbing, you name it,” McDaniels mentioned with a large smile. “I knew we would have a successful show because we’re committed to working at it and making it exceptional for our attendees. We just started and the fact that people are already this excited is great news for not only us, but also our attendees.”

The Charlotte Racers Expo will take place on January 27-28, 2012, at the Metrolina Trade Show Expo. Pre-consignments are already being taken for the auction and “official” exhibitor registration opens soon. For more information, visit The Charlotte Racers Expo is the first North Carolina auto racing show and auction dedicated to all types of racing cars in over ten years.