Seals-It – A 2015 Featured Exhibitor

Seals-it has been in business for over 25 years and manufactures seals and other products for many industries including the highest levels of NASCAR and the average Saturday night racer. Their products have also been used in medical, aviation, aerospace, mining and many other applications.
What makes Seals-it so special? They can not only mold and bond rubber to steel, but they also design, build and manufacture parts to meet racers’ needs through their engineering software that ensures repeatability and durability every time. Plus, Seals-it’s team is always patenting new products and constantly testing, redesigning and evaluating current models to verify their suitability.

Seals-it excels in producing seals and components for heavy-duty and hard-to-engineer applications in motorsports such as axle tubes, torque tubes and other moving parts where lubrication is key but movement is mandatory.

Every product Seals-it produces must pass their extensive quality control process. They are proud of the fact that everything they build is constructed at their Ellington, Conn., headquarters.

Be sure to stop by the Seals-it booth at the Charlotte Racers Expo and see what products they have that will suit your racecar’s needs.