Pre-Consignments Now Being Taken

Pre-consignments are now being taken for the auction portion of the Charlotte Racers Expo.

What are preconsignments? Pre-consignments allow the auction staff to allot a pre-determined amount of lot numbers to certain consignors for merchandise that they know will be brought to auction. For instance, if Consignor A has 2 seats, a fuel cell and a box of assorted electrical parts, three lot numbers will suffice for his merchandise.

By pre-consigning, consignors guarantee themselves a spot to run items through the auction without the fear of the auction filling up before they arrive on the days when consignments are taken. Additionally, the auction staff can have a working idea of the amount of merchandise that will be run through the auction without being overwhelmed at show time and the consignors will know where in the order of lots their merchandise will be sold.

To obtain your pre-consignment lot numbers, contact Larry McDaniels at 704-402-4319 or

Lots are limited, get your merchandise in before the auction fills up!