Flashback: One Week Away, 2012 Auction Pre-Consignments Nearly Full

Anyone who has considered consigning items to the Charlotte Racers Expo auction had better pick up their phones and start calling. With less than a week before the auction, January 27-28, pre-consigned lots have already accounted for over 80% of the scheduled lot numbers available. With competitive commission rates and no buyer’s premium, the remaining 20% could fill up before the show opens.

“I’m absolutely blown away,” said Larry McDaniels of the Charlotte Racers Expo. “I expected we could pre-consign a significant number of lots, but I had no idea we would have this much response ahead of the event.”

Highlighting the auction consignments are a number of racecars from various forms of motorsports. Michael Ritch’s entire No. 28 operation (former Jackaroo car) from the former Hooters ProCup Series (now CARS ProCup) will be for sale with a complete car, motors, spares and lots of other equipment and parts. The operation will be parted out in multiple lot numbers. Other racecars include a complete dirt late model and pavement straight rail late model.

“To have top-notch competitors selling off their equipment in our auction is pretty big because it means they expect a great pool of buyers to be at our event,” said McDaniels. “A number of people who have items in our car corral may choose to auction them off at the end of the day on Saturday as well, so there’s no telling how many different cars we could move through our auction.”

While the trade show is separate from the auction at the Charlotte Racers Expo, a number of the exhibitors at the show have also consigned merchandise to be sold through the auction. Exhibitors who have already consigned to the auction include Roush-Yates Performance Parts, RBR Fabrication, Lee Faulk Racing, DRP Performance Products, Competition Engines, Competition Transmission & Gear, Prankster Racing Products and more.

“Our exhibitors were so relieved to have an avenue to liquidate lots of the products they thought may never be sold,” said McDaniels. “A lot of these items are brand new but the company changed vendors or are slightly blemished in appearance but still perfectly functional. And, of course, there are some quality used pieces being consigned as well.”

The Charlotte Racers Expo features a two-day auction and trade show with over 70 different exhibitors at Metrolina Tradeshow Expo on January 27-28. Admission is only $10 per day with ladies and children under 12 admitted free. Discount coupons for $5 off admission are also available at various exhibitors’ shops across the region. For a full listing, visit CharlotteRacersExpo.com.