Modern Chevrolet – A 2013 Featured Exhibitor
For years, Chevrolet and GM have been at the pinnacle of motorsports. Whether it was with Dale Earnhardt and his seven championships, four of which were driving the GM Goodwrench Chevrolet, or Mike Pegher, Jr., David Smith and Max Blair winning FASTRAK titles and races all up and down the east coast, Chevrolet has a history of performance on the track. Now, you can have access to the same winning technology that took those drives to victory lane.
Modern Chevrolet of Winston-Salem, NC, is the one-stop shop for all Chevrolet Performance (formerly GM Performance Parts) and crate engine needs. They carry GM’s complete line of accessory parts and performance parts as well as performance related components from manufactures such as Proform Parts.

Their Winston-Salem Chevrolet dealership is one of the premier Chevy dealers in the state of North Carolina. Their commitment to customer service is second to none and they offer one of the most comprehensive Chevrolet parts and service departments in the state and are committed to local racing on both paved and asphalt tracks all around the region.

Now, you can run up front with race-winning 400-horsepower 350 with Fast Burn heads that were purchased through Modern Chevrolet. GM Performance Parts’ Fast Burn cylinder heads are the fast way to the winner’s circle –and they’re standard on the “604” racing engine from GM Performance Parts and Modern Chevrolet.

The “GM 604 Crate,” a factory-sealed racing engine, is based on the popular Fast Burn 385-horsepower street crate engine, but includes a racing-only 8-quart circle track oil pan, with dual kick-out design, along with a valve cover breather kit and special “kool nut” rocker arm design. The assembly also includes an open-plenum high-rise intake manifold and 1.5:1-ratio aluminum roller rockers.
Because it is based on the 350 Fast Burn engine, the “604” racing engine includes a bulletproof bottom end, anchored by a forged steel crankshaft and hypereutectic pistons. The 23-degree, Fast Burn aluminum heads enable tremendous power in the small-block V-8 because of a unique chamber design that quickly and completely burns all of the air/fuel mixture –giving you maximum power all the time.

With the “604” racing engine under the hood of your racecar, you’ll put a “fast burn” on the competition. And you can see it up close, then schedule delivery after visiting with Modern Chevrolet at the Charlotte Racers Expo.

Another popular alternative, designed for circle track’s weekend warriors, the “GM 602 Crate” bullet-proof 350-horsepower, 350-cubic-inch factory-sealed racing engine is a tough combination of power and reliability –and it fits almost any racing budget.

Based on GM Performance Parts’ popular 350 HO engine, including a brand-new, four-bolt-main block, 9:1 hypereutectic pistons, cast iron crankshaft and GM iron Vortec cylinder heads, the 602 Factory Stock version features a high-rise dual-plane intake manifold, 8-quart single kick-out circle track oil pan, valve cover kit with breather tube and breather, and special “kool nut” rocker arm nut design.

The 602’s unique dual-pattern cam is included, too. It’s based on the one found in 1965-67 Corvette 327 engines, but with more lift and duration to clear the engine exhaust quickly and move in more air –providing excellent mid- and high-range power, where you need it on the track.

Delivered complete from the oil pan to the intake manifold –including an HEI distributor –the “602” racing engine has the proven parts and horsepower to enable a competitive racecar. Getting it into the winner’s circle, however, is your job!
While GM Performance Parts Racing Crate Engines are excluded from the limited warranty carried by most GM parts, they can be expected to perform reliably and at a high level of performance for race after race. With general maintenance and service, a GM Performance Racing Crate Engine can be expected to last for at least a couple of seasons.

Be sure to stop by and see everything offered to racers at the Modern Chevrolet display at the Charlotte Racers Expo. Their GM Performance Parts World will be sprawled out with engines, parts, components and more for attendees to inspect and see first-hand.