Introducing the NEW Charlotte Racers Expo

Held at the Metrolina Trade show Expo in Charlotte, NC, the Charlotte Racers Expo is designed to be a way for short track racers to meet the people who are behind the products and services they use every single week. Vendors from across the industry are available to sell products direct to their customers or educate the customers on new products, concepts, or other related items. It is the first North Carolina auto racing show and auction dedicated to all types of racing cars in over ten years.

Interactive displays invite fans and racers alike to get hands-on with some of the newest technology in racing. An indoor and outdoor section allow for unique displays unseen in typical racer-focused trade shows.

A show-specific auction also highlights the two-day event. Held in its own building, away from the trade show, the auction allows attendees to pick up items at discounted prices from previous owners. Items include merchandise from chassis builders, parts distributors, retailers and top-notch racing teams.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as the show dates get closer!