Walter Newman Racecars – A 2013 Featured Exhibitor

Each Buschwacker Chassis from Walter Newman Racecars is unique, just like their customers. Every piece of fabrication excellence is custom-built on a purpose-designed racecar jig to ensure the tightest tolerances and repeatability between clips and cars. You can trust that your Buschwacker will be the same after an accident as it was before. The delicate balance between stength and weight is achieved by using just the right mix of DOM and 4130 Chromoly tubing.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop with the chassis itself. Every interior that leaves the premises at WNRC is constructed of top-grade .063″ painted aluminum that adds an extra element of safety to the driver’s compartment, giving it that extra strength needed to help protect you from broken driveshafts, flying debris and any other hazards that could fly up from the racetrack.

Racecars were meant to be disassembled often and every Buschwacker chassis has its body hung with that in mind. A plentiful assortment of Dzus button equipped panels and easy-to-remove body bolts allow for easy cleaning and easy replacement of chassis, drivetrain and body components. All body panels are industry-standard .040″ painted aluminum with a variety of colors available to choose from.

To add that extra element of value, all chassis are powder coated in house with stick-resistant material to assist with post-race cleaning a professional look. Other components including control arms, torque arms and spindles are also coated with the same material after they are fabricated in-house using the same tolerances and technology used to produce each winning chassis.

Join the list of winners who have been driving a Buschwacker Chassis since 1981 like Ed Basey, Jack Pennington, Fulmer Lance, Hod Rod Lamance, Mike Duvall, Bill Morgan, Buck Simmons, Buckshot Miles & Petey Ivey.

Visit Walter Newman Racecars during your time at the Charlotte Racers Expo and check out the new chassis on display freshly plumbed with state-of-the-art, affordable and lightweight Goodridge plumbing.