Featured Exhibitor: Spraker Racing Enterprises

Spraker Racing Enterprises was founded by owner Jeff Spraker in 1978. Originally established as a race team, the company expanded to add a full-time business that builds and sells parts for racecars and hot rods.

Throughout the years, Spraker Racing Enterprises has built pro-stock chassis and Ford 9′ rear ends, provided high-performance parts, laser systems and chassis set-up and consulting, maintained a full-service racing operation for teams in all major racing series, and competed in several NASCAR- and ARCA-sanctioned events with their driver development program.

The Spraker Racing Enterprises headquarters were originally located in Schenectady, N.Y., before moving to their current location in 2000. Spraker Racing Enterprises now consists of two buildings, totaling 22,000 sq. feet, in the Mooresville Motorsports Center in Mooresville, N.C., in addition to the original headquarters in Schenectady. The shops are fully equipped with all of the latest equipment and machinery, including a chassis dyno, complete down-draft paint booth, five surface plates and laser alignment systems.

The success of Spraker Racing is grounded in Spraker’s unique set of capabilities – his passion for performance, a strong work ethic, unstoppable determination, strong technical background, drive of a true racer, and ability to transfer his knowledge as a mentor to his drivers through superior communication skills.

Check out all of the products offered by Spraker Racing Enterprises by visiting them at the Charlotte Racers Expo.