Performancenter Racing Warehouse – A 2013 Featured Exhibitor.
Performancenter Racing Warehouse (PRW) was started in 1998 by Tom Pistone and John Anthony. They came up with the idea to start a parts business when they discovered how hard it was to find a helmet hook in stock anywhere. Today, the business is owned by Roger Johnson and Kim Kurzejewski who keep the same spirit in mind while servicing their customers’ parts and chassis needs. The LTO Chassis began as a desire to have the best performing and best looking chassis on the market. In November 2010 Performancenter was purchased by Roger Johnson and Kim Kurzejewski. They have tried to change only the things that could make them better. Two of their employees, Jonathan “Outlaw” Morrison (Shop Manager) and Kenny Fox (Head Fabricator) have been with Performancenter for over 10 years.
Performancenter is a NASCAR and UARA-STARS Late Model Stock Car business. They have a huge inventory of parts and keep what racers need for their late model stock cars. PRW builds and develops new parts all the time. They test them on their house car. Once they have proven to be an advantage, they sell them to their customers.

Many dollars have been invested on developing the LTO Chassis. The chassis and spindles have been digitized and professionally plotted for true roll center and all other related points. PRW can show you anything you need to know about your late model and assure you that Performancenter’s design is where you want to be. The LTO Chassis’ proof is in the results. PRW can prove to you what we can do for you…. WIN! It’s that simple. They race what they sell and win with what they sell. Track support and set-up advice are readily available since they are at the track every race weekend helping customers.

PRW feels the thrill of victory and agony of defeat with every customer. Fortunately, they get to experience the victory part most often. PRW understands it is to their benefit to help their customers finish their very best every week. With the engineering background of owner Roger Johnson, they offer custom in-house set-ups and consulting along with suspension and chassis pull down analysis.

Stop by and visit them at booth D-1 during your time at the Charlotte Racers Expo.