Gale Force Suspension – A 2016 Featured Exhibitor

What do Kyle Busch, Scott Bloomquist and other top-notch late model and modified racers have in common? The Gale Force Coilover Load Pro. It’s the new tool that is revolutionizing coilover racing on both dirt and asphalt. The machine is a powerful setup tool that can save racers time and give them insight that hasn’t been possible until now.

Gale Force began as the brain child of Kevin Harvick and Richard Childress development driver Cale Gale and his father, Bubba. Lifelong short track racers, the pair searched for a way to increase the efficiency of their setup and track time for their open wheel modified and pavement straight-rail cars. An accomplished shock expert (and driver) at the professional NASCAR level, Cale took his ideas to the engineers at the various teams he worked for and put all of the information together to create the products that Gale Force Suspension now offers to the average short track racer. It truly is Cup technology made affordable, usable and relevant to the Saturday night short track racer.

The tool works like a mini pull-down rig. It gives racers a load number measured at the shock and spring (also known as wheel load). It allows racers to rate springs as if they were on the car with shock pressure taken into consideration, too. With bumpstops and coilbinding entering all types of coilover racing, the tool makes itself invaluable because it allows racers the opportunity to test bumpstop loads and coilbind pressures at specified travel measurements. The unit comes with powerful graphing software that allows racers to plot all numbers for further research and development.

How does “the Gale Force” save you time? Very simple. It allows racers to easily transfer a given setup to any shock or spring combination in a matter of minutes without ever having to re-scale the car. Following the center-to-center measurements and the related wheel loads of each coilover, the machine allows racers to setup multiple sets of springs and shocks before going to the racetrack in a substantially less amount of time. It makes spring changes easier at the track and helps to maximize hot lap and practice time.

Stop by the Gale Force Suspension booth during your time at the Charlotte Racers Expo and see how the Gale Force Suspension Coilover Load Pro (and new Wheel Load Pro) can help you!