Featured Exhibitor: Calico Coatings

As a growth-oriented, technology-driven company with a passion for winning and dependability, Calico Coatings is looking for individuals and customers who share their vision and dedication to performance excellence.

Calico Coatings prides itself on thoroughly understanding their customers’ business challenges, working with them to customize coating solutions that meet their needs. Calico has gained their reputation as the leader in the coatings industry by working with race teams and engine builders to solve issues of friction, wear, heat and corrosion. Calico has continued to diversify their coating solutions over the years and today provides coatings not only to the performance racing industry, but also to the U.S. Military, marine, oil, health care and other industries.

Calico will diligently work with you to assess your challenges and determine the best coating solution for your needs.

Your time is important and they are dedicated to providing unbeatable turnaround time and the highest quality and service in the industry – delivery within 24 hours on many applications.

In industries where performance is everything, Calico’s coatings provide the needed edge for outstanding results. Calico’s coatings are designed to reduce friction, wear, heat and corrosion while increasing speed and fuel economy. Whatever performance challenges you face, Calico may be the solution.

Be sure to stop by and see what Calico Coatings can do for you and your racing program at the Charlotte Racers Expo.