Featured Exhibitor: American Racer Tires & Jimmy Smith Racing

American Racer Tires and its sister company Specialty Tires of America were originally known as the McCreary Tire & Rubber Company, founded in 1915 in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

The McCreary Tire Company has built a long reputation for quality American workmanship as it grew into a provider of premium products for commodity type bias ply passenger, light truck and medium truck tires for the automotive aftermarket.

As the company and the country grew, its specializations changed and, fittingly enough, so did its name. In 1992 it took on the name Specialty Tires of America and, in 1994 the American Racer name was introduced to market the wide variety of quality racing tires produced in the McCreary tradition of excellence.

Today, American Racer Tires are fast becoming the choice for racers all across America. Jimmy Smith Racing Tires is proud to be one of the largest distributors for American Racer racing tires anywhere in the country.

See the newest in tire technology by visiting them both at the Charlotte Racers Expo.