Driven Steering Wheels – A 2014 Featured Exhibitor

Although the company is relatively new to the motorsports landscape, Driven Steering Wheels has years of experience in racing from the company president on down. The brand was founded in 2013 by race car driver and entrepreneur Zack Skolnick. The vision behind the company came when Zack was looking for a steering wheel that would keep its grip race after race. With all of the types of cars he had competed in, Skolnick hadn’t found that perfect product – from karts and Mazda Miatas to US Legends Cars and circle track cars at local short tracks.

And that’s why he founded Driven Steering. He accomplished his goal of finding a comfortable wheel that was also durable, affordable and stylish.

Driven’s innovative steering wheels give racers a true advantage on the race track and put competitors in victory lane. A comfortable driver who doesn’t fight for grip on the steering wheel makes more calculated, precise decisions and can control the car that much better. With the ability to put the car where a driver wants it now restored, Driven directly contributes to on-track success. Their product line encompasses all types of race vehicles including karts, formula cars, touring cars, drifting, Legends cars, asphalt stock cars, dirt cars and more.

Be sure to visit the Driven Steering booth at the Charlotte Racers Expo to see and touch their wheels for yourself. Find out what you’ve been missing behind the wheel of your racecar.