Car Corral Featured At Expo

The Charlotte Racers Expo Car Corral is the place for racers who want to sell their¬† cars “by owner” on their own terms. Trades, cash, or other methods of payment are accepted by owners on their own conditions without any additional commissions to the show.

While classified ads and other racing sales websites are accepted means to sell rolling stock such as cars and trailers, there is no substitute for laying one’s hands on the object that’s being sold. eBay or other methods cannot replace seeing and inspecting the goods to be sold with the buyer’s own eyes.

“We wanted to give racers a way to sell their equipment without requiring they run it through the auction,” said Larry McDaniels of the Charlotte Racers Expo. “Some guys just want to trade their late model for a modified or are willing to do free landscaping work for a year for a new trailer. With the auction, we can’t facilitate these trades but owners of the property can.”

The Charlotte Racers Expo is essentially the broker for these transactions. Those wishing to lease space for their rolling stock need to only pay the Expo a nominal $50 fee per item, regardless of selling price. No extra commissions are required upon the sale of the item(s). If, towards the end of the show, property owners want to run their items through the auction, there will only be an additional $25 charge if the item does not sell. Standard auction commissions will apply if the item sells in the auction.

“This event is all about helping racers to find deals, make deals, save money and free money up,” said McDaniels. “In giving everyone the option to sell things themselves or run them through the auction at the end of the day, it helps us and the racers to be flexible and make the most off of their items as possible.”

Racers wishing to pre-register for the car corral can do so by visiting the page on the Charlotte Racers Expo website. The Expo staff will be making courtesy calls to pre-registrants within 30 days of the event to verify that the property has not been sold. If the property has been sold, the staff will simply open that spot up for another racer who might be on the waiting list without charging a fee or penalizing the person who sold their item(s) before the show. All car corral fees will be collected the day of the show.

For more information on pre-consigning for the auction and/or registering for the car corral, call 704-402-4319.