Bill Pink Carburetors – A 2014 Featured Exhibitor
Bill Pink Carburetors started when Bill was only a kid. At a young age, he fell in love with the sport of auto racing while is father, Ed, built drag racing engines for some of the greats of straight-line racing like Don “The Snake” Prudhomme. He has experience in the open wheel world of IndyCar with drivers like Luyendyk and Unser, off-road racing with “Iron Man” Ivan Stewart, and was a former NASCAR Cup Series crew member for Robert Yates Racing and Evernham Racing before venturing out on his own to start his carburetor business.

Carburetors are Bill’s only business, not part of a larger engine-related enterprise. He builds them one at a time with the same hands that have been involved with racing ever since those years he was barely old enough to get into the pits at major motorsports events. His experience of tuning and building carburetors through the decades shows in each piece he produces for his customers.

Each carburetor is assembled with every customer’s unique, individual needs in mind. Each racing discipline requires a different set of parameters and performance characteristics — asphalt late circle track, dirt, drag racing or even off-road. When customers call Pink Carburetors, the rules and tech guidelines of each application are discussed as are the details of the engine each carburetor will be used on in order to maximize efficiency and create maximum power. Holley 4-barrels or 2-barrels, engines using alcohol, gas, or another type of fuel, whatever the combination, Pink Carburetors can make it better.

Be sure to visit Pink Carburetors during your time at the Charlotte Racers Expo. No matter what kind of racecar you have, you owe it to yourself to see what Pink Carburetors can do for you.