Auction Consignment Check-In Begins Thursday

Consignors who have pre-consigned items to the Charlotte Racers Expo Auction can begin to bring their property by the event hall on Thursday at 11am. Check-in for consignors will take place over two days (Thursday and Friday) with NO consignments being taken on Saturday. The auction lots now number in excess of 1300 lots to be sold over the course of the two-day weekend event.

For consignors who have pre-consigned lots but are unable to make the event, please call Larry McDaniels at 704-402-4319 to have your lots scratched from the event. Also, anyone who may have excess lots than what they originally were slated for, please call as well.

Due to the popularity of this event, lots have gone quickly and there is currently no additional room for regular lot numbers. Rolling stock is still being taken.

For a full schedule of check-in and consignment receiving times, review the event schedule at Event Schedule.