2014 Exhibitor Floorplan Released

The floorplan and full listing of 2014 exhibitors has been released and posted on the Charlotte Racers Expo website. A complete listing featuring representation from over 60 different companies and organizations gives attendees not only the name and location of the exhibitor in the exhibit hall, but also a link to their website or Facebook pages so those interested in purchasing products can do research before visiting their booths.

Attendees and interested racers are reminded that the Charlotte Racers Expo is a selling trade show once again in 2014. For the third consecutive year, those in attendance will be able to take full advantage of the great deals offered at the event by purchasing products and taking them home the same day. For larger items like chassis and custom seats, companies with those items will be taking orders at the event and placing customers on their build sheets accordingly.

No matter what attendees are looking to buy, there will be pricing good for two days only this weekend at the Charlotte Racers Expo. These prices will most likely not be seen again until next year’s event.

Products and services known to be for sale include: Bodies and components, chassis, shop work, setup and track services, shop equipment, suspension parts, radiators, transmissions, safety components, seat belts, firesuits, steering wheels, driveshafts, springs, brake components including master cylinders, pedals androtors, racing tires, race fuel, bumper assemblies, vinyl graphics, power steering components, serpentine belt setups, cylinder heads and related machine work, heim joints, body bolts, weight brackets, fabrication equipment and tools, and much, much more!

Find the floorplan by visiting our Exhibitor Listing & Floorplan page.