Exhibitor Listing & Floorplan


Attendees can expect the best in racing technology, manufacturing and merchandise will be represented at the show. Vendors from multiple states including the Carolinas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia have all either been a part of the Expo in the past or are committed to exhibiting this year. A number of major companies have signed on to bring their technology to the racers of the region through their dealers and their own booth presence.

This will be a “selling trade show” where attendees are able to purchase items at the show, take them home the same day, and can expect specials on many of the industry’s hottest products for two days only.

Charlotte Racers Expo – December 2016 Exhibitor List

Exhibitors for the December 2016 show will be announced and listed as the registration forms arrive.
(Last updated: November 20, 2016)

Is your organization/company interested in exhibiting? Shoot us an email or give us a call at (704) 402-4319.

Exhibitor Floorplan Layout: Click Here (updated November 30, 2016)


Exhibitor Name Website (if any) Booth
  • 3 Wide Media
ThreeWideMedia.com FW-9
  • 602 Super Limited Series *
602Tour.com I-1
  • ABB Kart Parts *
  • Accelerated Graphics *
  • AKRA (American Kart Racing Association) *
AmericanKarting.us A-3
  • Brunswick Speedway *
BrunswickSpeedway.com A-2
  • Carolina No Bull Sprints
CarolinaNoBullSprints.com C-7
  • Carolina Race Cars *
  • Carolina Racesaver Sprints *
RaceSaver.com I-7
  • Carolina Vintage Racers Association *
CarolinaVintageRacers.com RW-3
  • Competition Karting, Inc. (CKI Karts) *
CKIKarts.com B-1
  • Creative Innovations *
  • CV Products *
CVProducts.com H-9
  • Der-Kel Race Products *
DerKel.com B-4
  • D.G. Smith & Company *
  • Dirt Late Model Magazine
This month’s issue of DLM FW-9
  • Dirt Modified Magazine
The latest issue of DMM FW-9
  • Dirt Race Fans
DirtRaceFans.com TBA
  • Dirt Track Racing School *
DriveOnDirt.com I-8
  • Dover Power *
DoverPower.com A-5
  • Flatout Magazine
The latest issue of FO Mag FW-9
  • Ford’s Fuels
MrRaceFuel.com D-8
  • Friendship Speedway
FriendshipSpeedwayNC.com G-5
  • Friendsville Plastics
  • Hank Thomas Performance
HankThomasPerformance.com C-9
  • Heintz Performance
HeintzPerformance.com F-7
  • Hitman Race Wear
HitmanRacewear.com G-11
  • HMS Tire Conditioning & Equipment
HMSTires.com G-1
  • Hopson Racing & Fabrication
  • JC’s Race Parts
Facebook.com/JCsRaceParts C-10
  • Kluhsman Racing Components (KRC Racing)
KRCRacing.com G-8
  • Kunzman & Associates *
Kunzman.com I-5
  • Kyle Beattie Racing
BeattieRacing.com D-2
  • Lee Faulk Racing & Development
LeeFaulkRacing.com E-11
  • Lifan Power USA *
LifanPowerUSA.com C-3
  • Mike Bliss Enterprises *
  • Millbridge Speedway
MillbridgeSpeedway.com D-3
  • Mitchell Coble Racecars & Parts
  • Mountain View Speedway
Mountain View Speedway Online J-7
  • Ninneman Racing Products
  • Outpace Racing Products *
Out-Pace.com D-9
  • Performance Tees
PerformanceTees.com FW-7
  • Performance Trailers of NC
  • PistonCoating.com *
PistonCoating.com G-3
  • Pit Row Media / Pit Row TV *
PitRow.tv FW-4
  • Pro Motor Engines (PME) *
PME-Engines.com D-5
  • QA1 *
QA1.net I-5
  • Renegade Race Fuel
RenegadeRaceFuel.com D-7
  • RFC Karts *
RFCRacing.com C-4
  • Rix Tech Tools *
RenegadeRaceFuel.com C-2
  • Rolfe Schnur Motorsports *
RolfeSchnurMotorsportsMarketing.com E-10
  • Spark Plug Box *
  • Speed Sport
SpeedSport.com D-4
  • SKE Chassis
SKEKarts.com D-1
  • Sons of Thunder Ministry
STMinistry.org FW-10
  • Speed Karts *
SpeedKarts.net A-4
  • SRI Performance
SRIPerformance.com E-1
  • Stock Car Steel & Aluminum
StockCarSteel.com F-1
  • Stout Racing Engines *
StoutRacingEngines C-1
  • Sunoco Race Fuels
RaceGas.com C-9
  • Supplies for Racing & Industry
SRI-supplies.com F-2
  • TJ’s Motorsports Warehouse *
TommyJohnsons.com F-12
  • TNT Race Cars & Parts
TNTRaceCars.com G-12 
  • Tri-Star Racewear
TriStarRacewear.net E-7
  • Twarog Racing Products *
  • Van-K Wheels *
VanKWheels.com B-3
  • Wheel Chill
WheelChill.com G-7
* – New for December 2016    
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