Charlotte Racers Expo is Back for Second Consecutive Year

MOORESVILLE, NC (Oct. 26, 2012) – The highly successful Charlotte Racers Expo will be returning for its second consecutive year this coming January 25-26. The event consists of a trade show for racers to buy new parts and equipment, in addition to an auction for pre-owned equipment and components.

“We started this tradition last year without really knowing how the racing community in the region would respond to the event,” said Larry McDaniels, promoter of the Charlotte Racers Expo. “As it turns out, they absolutely loved it and were begging for more as they left last year. So, here we are!”

The 2012 show consisted of manufacturers, retailers, specialists and other industry-related exhibitors in the trade show. Among the manufacturers represented at the event were AERO Race Wheels, RaceQuip, Griffin Radiators, Tiger Rear End and more. Chassis builders from dirt and asphalt were also on-hand with various types of cars including late models, modifieds, street stocks and more. Racers were also able to purchase products directly from a large variety of retailers representing states as far away as Iowa and Kansas.

“The trade show side of the event was a huge hit,” said McDaniels. “All of our exhibitors were very pleased with their results and most of the attendees echoed their sentiments. The amount of new merchandise sold at show-special pricing was amazing. Even with the large amount of parts taken out the door, I think a lot of racers came unprepared to buy last year, but this year they’ll be ready with cash and credit cards in hand so they don’t miss out on the two-day-only specials.”

Likewise, racers who are working on smaller, more frugal budgets will have a place at the Charlotte Racers Expo as well. As higher-budget teams liquidate their inventory through the auction, the “little guy” can pick up some of their higher-end equipment at a lower, pre-owned price. According to McDaniels, the auction is also a great way to turn equipment and parts into cash. It even has a separate building at the event so those who are in other areas do not have to compete with the constant drone of an auctioneer.

“The cool part about one of these events is that you can unload your older merchandise, sell it through the auction, and then use the cash from that towards new products in the trade show,” explained McDaniels. “I know a lot of racers who supplemented their racing budget either through selling things at the auction or by buying them at a radically reduced price through the auction. It’s really a win-win for everyone.”

The event is held annually at the Metrolina Tradeshow Expo in Charlotte, located adjacent to the old Metrolina Fairgrounds Speedway, a 5/8-mile track that saw action as both a paved and dirt facility, and was once a favorite track of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt before he hit it big. It is accessible from either I-77 exit 16 or 18.

“There’s a lot of racing history here, and that works out conveniently with what we are trying to do for racers all across the region,” McDaniels said. “The racetrack here saw all kinds of racecars on all kinds of racing surfaces. It’s just like our event – we have racers and cars of all types from both dirt and pavement. I think a lot of people were surprised at the variety of items presented here last year, and we want to keep it that way.

“Racing isn’t just one type of car or one type of surface or track – it’s a boatload of different cars, people, tracks and technology that make up a sport we all love,” he continued. “Racers come to our event because they love racing and want to improve their programs. There’s something here for everyone and they’ll all tell you that.”

The Charlotte Racers Expo opens its doors on Friday, January 25, 2013 at noon for both the auction and the trade show sides of the event. On Saturday, January 26, the doors open at 8am. A full schedule of events and more details are available on its website at Free pre-consigned lot numbers are also available by calling (704) 402-4319. Those interested in exhibiting at the event may call the same number or send an email to

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